Right Now That's Not Important

from by Freeds

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And you can hear me now, but I'm not really here, whatever was stressing me, brush it off the shoulder how? somebody's stolen my brain but my eyes are really clear, and now they're throwing it to each other that hurts oww, I don't know why I'm smoking all of these cigarettes, my mumma tells me that I must be a nervous guy, am I a nervous guy? that's not how I imagined it but come to think of it I suck at meeting people first time, hey, so let's pretend that it's the second time, let the mind just run away tonight

I don't know what you're telling me but right now that's not important, we don't sleep no we never sleep, sunlight on December mornings makes me feel like everything has a place that something will fall in, but we are forever free, let it all shine before it's Autumn

I am gonna climb the tree yeh yeh I'm gonna, shouldn't of had that or that hmm I'm a goner, but I don't wanna sleep I been dreaming all Summer, looking into nothing yet all these things I discover, can someone stay out? oh how I gotta stay out, having trouble on the balance beam, eyes beam, and i don't wanna let it fade out, can someone stay out? tell me how the world's laid out, having trouble on the balance beam, eyes beam, and I don't wanna let it fade out
dada dadadaaaa we just do what feels right
dada dadadaaaaaaahhhhh........

And so we dance through the night not tryna understand life just tryna live it the best we can live it hoping we will get it right, said it before, we will rise, empty glass, refill mine, cause I ain't wasting no more time, try to hold me back keep trying, that's me talking to me but I, I will break the wall in my mind, I will change it all in good time, all the days and nights I'm grinding to take it places where you can't find yeh all the way right past the fire killing all the fear that's in our eyes, we just gotta live like we can't die........

We swim the road, we surf the sky
We just do what feels right....


from Jetski Blues, released March 2, 2014



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Freeds Melbourne, Australia

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