Little Light

from by Freeds

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Self-belief. Individuality. Creativity. That spark. Everyone has it. Some just need to realise.


ohhh did he? circle his way around the whole city, leave em in a purple haze like Jimmy, every seen a turtle in a race move quickly? Ain't got one limitation, how would you define innovayshon? innovation** man I say what I want how i want that's how I want to say it, man I'm tryna run a business here like Diddy, wait that's cliche, I'm tryna run a business here like Lilly :S Allen, key to the world I open your mind in the world I imagine, back to reality and shit got iffy (like nuhhhh they can't be playing this on the radio) man you gotta be kidding but they don't wanna think man kids wanna party you wanna have fun well lets have a PARTY lets play the game like Iggy, Pop, little bit of pop and a little bit of indy, little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of rap and a little bit of everybody telling me I need to write a song with the intent to get the country singing, who the fuck's this kid he thinks he's so awesome, I heard your songs got a little bit awkward, kinda like at my last show.....when I had to pause, cause the beat was skipping, the beat was skipping, the beat was skipping,

Yellin, this is a song this is a song
Tell em, just my opinion but I could be wrong,
Headin, way above you try to see me I'm gone
Better, write down exactly every feeling I'm on aye
everything's feeling right, I got that little light, lifting your nose to the sky when you are over life, so when you got the blues, and you are cruising by, this is the song to remind you that it's a simple life,
flick, and I'm on, I'm on yeh I'm on, flick, and I'm on I'm on, so cmon, we on yes we on yes we on yes we on yes yes yes yes we on

and if you have talent, never waste it, this is my story my art and revelations, if you have sadness never change it, this is my passion my ambition it's dedication, cause ah ah ah ah ah I'm on my game man, I'm the one that made you change your whole game plan, up and away yeh ah I'm on my way man, hear em rap like dadada I don't know what they're saying man doodeedeeda even my gibbirish sounds ace man, you don't say jack but I got the ace man, do you even have a story don't even bother labeling me man I don't believe in category, cause no there can't be room for 2 rapstars, everybody take five, everybody take five, I heard your song gave it 2 rap stars, heard mine and I gave it five, heard mine and I gave it five yeh I'm going on a rampage without a fanbase well that's el stupido and if I wanna say I'm good then I'm good dam straight but I ain't that good at all I am great, I used to be scared I used to be doubtful I guess yes the mind the mind is so powerful but don't believe in what they tell you, cause people lie to you, believe in what you love and go for it hope that inspired you...


from Jetski Blues, released March 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Freeds Melbourne, Australia

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