Jetski Blues

from by Freeds

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And I'm still living in the dreams of last night yeh I'm living in.. wait, I can't think but I hardly mind, yeh my mind is scattered, but like that matters cause we all blessed with the power to imagine right? As the sun creeps through the blinds, I guess it's perfect timing, better open my eyes, cause I was sad I was sad so sad, but the more it shines, the more I'm thinking Nas is right cause today the 'world is mine' oh how the world is mine, better make the most of this smile before my world cries, sitting on that wooden table yeh that was my second home I'm on my balcony letting go of all that I'll never know, this is my ode to life, try to explain what I'm feeling guess I can only try, everyday is Friday, I overload on highs, as I blow that carefree smoke to the sky..

And there I was and there we were
(It would seem, that we)
time was nothing but a blur,
(It would seem, that we)
And there I was and there we were,
It would seem that we, that we, that we, we had the 'jetski blues'

Yeh we're living living living on our own accord, as we cruise cruise cruise in my Accord, fill up 5 dollars in the tank shit yeh the man's broke but that car must of loved me cause I swear it ran on smoke, but the streets are ours and time, slowing down, the windows, rolling down, the vapours, creeping out, the billy, pass it round, the weed, chopping out, evading reality and what they're claiming life's about, believing that we endowed with freedom, written across our face,
moving at a slow pace slow pace, true meaning of peace found at Watson's Bay, so blazed try to talk to me I'm just like 'okay', I hear voices, I hear laughter, as we sit on the rock in front of the harbour, and there's nowhere that I'd rather be, jumping off thinking how I'll never leave cause you're a part of me...


from Jetski Blues, released March 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Freeds Melbourne, Australia

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