Jetski Blues

by Freeds

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released March 2, 2014

Songs produced and written by Freeds
Beats produced by (Baloo)

Mixed by James Leigh. Recorded at Refinery Recordings, Melbourne -

Artwork - Adam Toonfeld



all rights reserved


Freeds Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Little Light
ohhh did he? circle his way around the whole city, leave em in a purple haze like Jimmy, every seen a turtle in a race move quickly? Ain't got one limitation, how would you define innovayshon? innovation** man I say what I want how i want that's how I want to say it, man I'm tryna run a business here like Diddy, wait that's cliche, I'm tryna run a business here like Lilly :S Allen, key to the world I open your mind in the world I imagine, back to reality and shit got iffy (like nuhhhh they can't be playing this on the radio) man you gotta be kidding but they don't wanna think man kids wanna party you wanna have fun well lets have a PARTY lets play the game like Iggy, Pop, little bit of pop and a little bit of indy, little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of rap and a little bit of everybody telling me I need to write a song with the intent to get the country singing, who the fuck's this kid he thinks he's so awesome, I heard your songs got a little bit awkward, kinda like at my last show.....when I had to pause, cause the beat was skipping, the beat was skipping, the beat was skipping,

Yellin, this is a song this is a song
Tell em, just my opinion but I could be wrong,
Headin, way above you try to see me I'm gone
Better, write down exactly every feeling I'm on aye
everything's feeling right, I got that little light, lifting your nose to the sky when you are over life, so when you got the blues, and you are cruising by, this is the song to remind you that it's a simple life,
flick, and I'm on, I'm on yeh I'm on, flick, and I'm on I'm on, so cmon, we on yes we on yes we on yes we on yes yes yes yes we on

and if you have talent, never waste it, this is my story my art and revelations, if you have sadness never change it, this is my passion my ambition it's dedication, cause ah ah ah ah ah I'm on my game man, I'm the one that made you change your whole game plan, up and away yeh ah I'm on my way man, hear em rap like dadada I don't know what they're saying man doodeedeeda even my gibbirish sounds ace man, you don't say jack but I got the ace man, do you even have a story don't even bother labeling me man I don't believe in category, cause no there can't be room for 2 rapstars, everybody take five, everybody take five, I heard your song gave it 2 rap stars, heard mine and I gave it five, heard mine and I gave it five yeh I'm going on a rampage without a fanbase well that's el stupido and if I wanna say I'm good then I'm good dam straight but I ain't that good at all I am great, I used to be scared I used to be doubtful I guess yes the mind the mind is so powerful but don't believe in what they tell you, cause people lie to you, believe in what you love and go for it hope that inspired you...
Track Name: Jetski Blues
And I'm still living in the dreams of last night yeh I'm living in.. wait, I can't think but I hardly mind, yeh my mind is scattered, but like that matters cause we all blessed with the power to imagine right? As the sun creeps through the blinds, I guess it's perfect timing, better open my eyes, cause I was sad I was sad so sad, but the more it shines, the more I'm thinking Nas is right cause today the 'world is mine' oh how the world is mine, better make the most of this smile before my world cries, sitting on that wooden table yeh that was my second home I'm on my balcony letting go of all that I'll never know, this is my ode to life, try to explain what I'm feeling guess I can only try, everyday is Friday, I overload on highs, as I blow that carefree smoke to the sky..

And there I was and there we were
(It would seem, that we)
time was nothing but a blur,
(It would seem, that we)
And there I was and there we were,
It would seem that we, that we, that we, we had the 'jetski blues'

Yeh we're living living living on our own accord, as we cruise cruise cruise in my Accord, fill up 5 dollars in the tank shit yeh the man's broke but that car must of loved me cause I swear it ran on smoke, but the streets are ours and time, slowing down, the windows, rolling down, the vapours, creeping out, the billy, pass it round, the weed, chopping out, evading reality and what they're claiming life's about, believing that we endowed with freedom, written across our face,
moving at a slow pace slow pace, true meaning of peace found at Watson's Bay, so blazed try to talk to me I'm just like 'okay', I hear voices, I hear laughter, as we sit on the rock in front of the harbour, and there's nowhere that I'd rather be, jumping off thinking how I'll never leave cause you're a part of me...
Track Name: Rise
Mind wanders through the night sky, and though he smiles, happiness is hiding, emerge through the prism of a white light, has to shut his eyes just to find it, as his mind attempts to wrestle with the hurricane, clear as raindrops, clear as hindsight, but at the time no such thing as another way, the eagle only gains wisdom as the time flies,
and he misses, just living like kids, and he wishes, the vision might stick, and he's drifting, away, ambition's dying, he listens, the pain it inspires him, imagine a moon that was never shining, a night so dark that it was blinding, yearns to reveal what's inside, what is life here? sweet sounds nobody listens but life hears, hope, use that notion soon to open his eyelids, flashes of the life he left behind him, all the wrong things the bad things everything, light switch, he could be anything....

And we will we will make change,
and we will we will not break,
and we feel we feel the rain,
And we all we all the same,
we all we all escape,
we fall we fall with rain

Mind wanders through the night sky, the quest for happiness, it's soon arriving, emerge through the prism of a white light, no longer does he shut his eyes to find it, cause he is living it yeh he is breathing oh he is thinking it yeh he's believing it, he is chasing it, sees they want to make it, watch them follow trends while his breaking them, lightning strikes but that ain't breaking him, nails hit the skin though it's hailing it's a world where they're hailing to a king, let the truth shine, step to new heights, lonely moments on the brink of failing only motivating him, to take flight and light the whole city up, tomorrow will be shining, and dreams were never dreamt just to give them up, yesterday the rain fell but tonight it's rising,

And we will we will make change,
and we will we will not break,
and we feel we feel the rain,
And we all we all the same,
we all we all escape,
we fall we fall with rain

Til we realise we can rise with it.
Track Name: Right Now That's Not Important
And you can hear me now, but I'm not really here, whatever was stressing me, brush it off the shoulder how? somebody's stolen my brain but my eyes are really clear, and now they're throwing it to each other that hurts oww, I don't know why I'm smoking all of these cigarettes, my mumma tells me that I must be a nervous guy, am I a nervous guy? that's not how I imagined it but come to think of it I suck at meeting people first time, hey, so let's pretend that it's the second time, let the mind just run away tonight

I don't know what you're telling me but right now that's not important, we don't sleep no we never sleep, sunlight on December mornings makes me feel like everything has a place that something will fall in, but we are forever free, let it all shine before it's Autumn

I am gonna climb the tree yeh yeh I'm gonna, shouldn't of had that or that hmm I'm a goner, but I don't wanna sleep I been dreaming all Summer, looking into nothing yet all these things I discover, can someone stay out? oh how I gotta stay out, having trouble on the balance beam, eyes beam, and i don't wanna let it fade out, can someone stay out? tell me how the world's laid out, having trouble on the balance beam, eyes beam, and I don't wanna let it fade out
dada dadadaaaa we just do what feels right
dada dadadaaaaaaahhhhh........

And so we dance through the night not tryna understand life just tryna live it the best we can live it hoping we will get it right, said it before, we will rise, empty glass, refill mine, cause I ain't wasting no more time, try to hold me back keep trying, that's me talking to me but I, I will break the wall in my mind, I will change it all in good time, all the days and nights I'm grinding to take it places where you can't find yeh all the way right past the fire killing all the fear that's in our eyes, we just gotta live like we can't die........

We swim the road, we surf the sky
We just do what feels right....
Track Name: Red, White & Blue
We are the ones, we are the ones who are here to take you on a flight, the plane of thought, we are the ones who are living just to change your life

We are living in a different light, where the misfits shine, do we really need to be like everyone else my eyes are too big to care to ask why lalalalala been working all week
lalalalala the gods are calling
lalalalala we're searching for peace
lalalalala let go of all things that put stress on our brain, got some memories to make, some of which will be faint, hey hey I'm about to faint I got that little red white & blue shit music take off runways race off through the clouds and way above em maynn, where I can show you what the future is

We got that little red white & blue...
We'll make you feel alright...

And I feel it come and I feel it go, and I feel alone do you feel alone? the air that we breathe it feels like we're home but yet we're so far from real as we know, we are the lost gang we look to feel love, but didn't you know we share the same crush, I feel the beat bang it makes the pill crush, I hear the drinks fill the feelings build up, we are the music we are the drugs, we are the energy we are the buzz, we the righteous we are the young, we are the highest highest is us.............

So when you're looking for your way, remember you will catch a break, take your right foot off the break, cause in the end we have to race,

Cherish what we had before, before it's gone and there are tears in our eyes, for now we're knocking at the door, we are living just to change your life,

Just forget it all, just forget it all, when you feel low, it's time to make the most, just forget it all, just forget it all, and life will go where you make it go...
Track Name: Bird Fly Home (bonus track)
Everything is under me
and my mind's wondering
looking here looking there but I think that I just found my homeee
soaring across the sea
thought I was lost at sea
bye to the care fly in the air in the place I call my home
caught in a summer breeze
caught in a lovely dream
never let me wake, memories fade but they fade in my home
looking at a smile so bright
never seen a world so nice
moment is precious even if we don't know why
no more questions please
this is meant to be
water it runs to the shore and I'm sure we're free
and it's all moving slow
listen to the music flow, oceans we're floating so high so high in my home

we all we could, free fall feel good, feels like it's time, my time our time, unwind, be great, sunshine, we chase, blue sky, oh my, this life this life

we saw a beautiful home
we soar above our home

feeling like kids today
on the sand they play
building castles so amazed by what they made
started from one grain
kinda like when they say
your whole world can change
change in just one day
as the rhythm plays and we drift away
listen to the rays of the sun and feel young in our home
making the most of it now, till I die of old age
I see not one cloud I see golden golden flakes
they live in the sand, I found peace of mind, it was in my hand
missing piece to life
never take this for granted, stay creative
given this canvas and felt like just painting my home
everything is under me
and my mind's wondering
looking here looking there but i think that i just found my home